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Recochoku 少女時代 DIVINE MV (LQ)

Anonymous asked:
i love that picture of taeyeon just picking her nose!! <3

ya me too !!!

chocrongie asked:
Hi ^^ i have a question to you. For making gifs i use photoshop cs5 but when i want to make gifs from 1080pvideo my photoshop lags but only when i want to import video frames to layers...but when i use 720p videos my photoshop works normally ;u; Do you know how to fix it? or maybe do you know some good steps or tricks? thank you so much.:)

hmm maybe it’s something wrong with your photoshop?

instead of importing video frames to layers try using KMplayer and screen capping your videos then ‘Load Files To Stack’ hopefully that will solve your problem

Anonymous asked:
can you tell me which sharpen action do you use for your gifs? or what is your settings sharpen for gifs?


1/ fav snsd performances